meet the designers


Deirdre and Tabitha are both imports to Fort Worth, Texas.  Tabitha made her way here via Wyoming and Virginia.  Deirdre made her way here via Austin and Sydney, Australia.  They both happened upon our love for interior design in a roundabout way.  And now they are here and are ready to put their talents to work.  The beauty of their design partnership is they compliment each others’ strengths. They make a good team.  

Since Tabitha had a successful interior design business in Virginia and Deirdre has had a small design business while working as a designer for furniture, fabric, and tile, they knew Honeysuckle and Bulldog has a lot to offer Fort Worth!  

Now here is what they know, Fort Worth has a very unique design aesthetic.  It is a city that is deeply rooted in tradition but it is also rapidly growing.  It has great restaurants, amazing museums, and fabulous shops.  But Fort Worth is Fort Worth.  New trends come and go, but the tradition stays.  Honeysuckle and Bulldog is where the Fort Worth culture and aesthetic comes to life. They came up with a name for that aesthetic: Cowboy Modern.  They are taking the clean, crisp lines of modern furniture and giving it a cowtown twist.  They want you to mount your buck heads above your Kelly Green Louis XV Bergere chair.  If you don’t hunt, they want you to mount a buck head made of wood. They want you to have a mid-century modern club chair upholstered in a delicious pewter cowhide.   They want you to put galvanized steel chairs around a formal dining table.  They want to take what you have and spruce it up in a way that is unique to your taste and style.  

They are going to sell you the accessories you need to put your perfect space together. They are also going to blog, instagram, upload tips to our tumblr, photos, and ideas for you to use as inspiration. H&B has amazing vendors that Deirdre and Tabitha have carefully selected to create their collections.  They are also redesigning vintage pieces of furniture for a true one-of-a-kind find.